Convenient, fast, most assured deposits at GGBINARY

Customers just need to log in on GG BINARY binary options trading platform with real trading account, choose deposit,to online banking page, according to the information required by the bank and make a deposit,and you have successfully save your money into your trading account, make your fortune by trading value.

Safety deposit process:

       >>Advisory Service to help
       1、Customers can deposit in their account by the methods provided by GGBINARY.
       2、Unless GGBINARY confirm the deposit to verify the customer's money, otherwise GGBINARY unable to deposits for customers .

Support deposit method:

Online bank has been supported by more than 20 banks, GGBINARY cover the widest support payments
Union Pay(credit card, debit card)
GGBINARY carry out payment, clearing and settlement with 28 banks in China.
Third-party payment Moneybookers pay

Support currency:

CNY RMB, EUR Euro, USD dollars.

Minimum deposit:

First deposit: ①、USD dollars:$200
②、EUR Euro:€200
Secondary and repeatedly deposit: ①、USD dollars:$100
②、EUR Euro:€100
(Note: All currency deposit are subject to an integer, the default amount credited into the account shown in US dollars)

Prompt arrival Deposit:

After customer successful deposits on GGBINARY, general prompt arrival, the deposit amount will be displayed in the individual real trading account;Occasionally, due to the busy business or inter-bank system and network failures, funds are likely will be injected into the trading account within a few hours.

Zero deposit fee:

Customers deposit into the GGBINARY trading account, GGBINARY does not charge any fees.
1、The procedure costs by bank transfer produced such as deposit fee should at customer's expense
2、If the customer deposit through PayPal,the system will charged 2% of the credited amount as fee.

Deposit rates at the settlement:

All non-US dollar deposits in GGBINARY will be converted into US in local currency, we will do the settlement by fixed rate,For example; our Chinese customers use to RMB to pay, he chose US dollar as his investment money,and the deposit and withdrawal will be cleared at a fixed rate 1:6.6.GGBINARY have the right to change the above rate under the market conditions without prior notice to the customer.

Deposit browser Note:

• We recommend using IE9 browser, and Taobao, Sogou, Maxthon and other browsers;
• 360 browser,before deposit , in the "Tools" - "advertisement filter" Confirm Close "advertisement filter" to deposit.
• QQ browser with IE9 kernel can deposit normally ; IE10 kernel needs to open "high-speed renderer" before the deposit; IE11 kernel is not supported;
• Does not support Google and Firefox browsers.
• We use SSL encryption technology to ensure that the entire payment process is absolutely safe.

Risk Warning:GGBINARY is a provider of a variety of financial binary option trading platform. Binary option investment with high risk,high payoff,T+0 transactions and sell back,hedge and multiple functions.Binary option can generate huge profits, but also the risk of losing all the deposit. Before doing it, you should be aware of your tolerance towards risk, investment objective and have some financial knowledge and experience related to the investment, please read the Risk Disclosure carefully.