Program details

Get bonus up to 100%

You will get 100% Bonus when depositing eligibly. We will accompany you to the top of the road to get rich. You can take profit relied to bonus or withdraw funds.


  • You can adjust the withdrawal interest rate based on trading volume
  • Bonus can be converted into cash if you win
  • You are a financial manager, can invest in market
  • Online instruction by professional analysts

Reference table of bonus details

Deposit $1000-$2999 $3000-$4999 $5000-$10000
Rate 50% 75% 100%
  You satisfy 1 in 2 requires below, you can withdraw
For trading volume: 25 Last 35 Last 45 Last
For profit volume 7 Last 7 Last 7 Last
  How to withdraw profit
Interest withdrawal condition If you complete 10% trading volume based on requirement, you can withdraw 10% of total of profit

Bonus calculator

Deposit :
Bonus will got:$10000
Investment funds:

Trading volume:
Profit volume:$140000
Converting bonus into cash:
Formula: Bonus = deposit x 50%/75%/100% Trading volume = (bonus + deposit) x 25 times/35 times/45 times
Profit volume = (deposit + bonus)x7 Withdrawal interest = total of interest x 10%
NOTE: Those who participate in the bonus program when making a withdrawal order, you must meet the trading volume requirement, if you cannot accept the required trading volume. We do not recommend that clients participate in the bonus program.
Risk Warning:GGBINARY is a provider of a variety of financial binary option trading platform. Binary option investment with high risk,high payoff,T+0 transactions and sell back,hedge and multiple functions.Binary option can generate huge profits, but also the risk of losing all the deposit. Before doing it, you should be aware of your tolerance towards risk, investment objective and have some financial knowledge and experience related to the investment, please read the Risk Disclosure carefully.