Binary options trading can generate huge profits, but also there are the risk of losing all or part of the investment.Before you are ready to start trading binary options, investors need to have a certain financial knowledge and experience related investments,and do not exceed your own ability to withstand the amount of investment.Before you start trading on the platform please read our legal and regulatory information carefully.The trading price of the assets we have developed on the site is the price agrees to sell to the customer in transaction.These prices may not be consistent with the level of real-time market.

Only when you sufficiently understand the risks before investment

Due to changes in exchange rates, the value of foreign currency denominated investments may be reduced or increased.Therefore, CFDs is only suitable for those customers who fully understand the market risk and have previous trading experience. If you are unsure, it is best to consult an independent opinion.

Do not fit the mentality of gambling investment

Binary Options is a legitimate, secure transaction, during the transactions "does not pursue of short-term rankings, no gambling mentality to invest, accumulate long-term returns," volatility in the market, the need to maintain peaceful,Looking for investment opportunities in market fluctuations brings,control the position, keep steady trend, and to achieve a better long-term returns.

How to evaluate investment risk of Binary Options

Any kind financial transactions and foreign exchange, futures, commodity markets are at risk, binary options is no exception. If you are careless or greedy, then it may lose all or most of the money. Therefore, binary options traders must take seriously about the risk assessment.

GGBINARY senior tutor consultant CEO J • NR recommendations: each transaction shall not exposure exceed 5% of the total account to market investment.This means that if your binary options account has $ 1,000 , you should not invest more than 50 dollars at any time.Remember: Binary Options is a "zero-sum" market form. Unchecked trading is very risky, extremely harmful.

To make sure you do not need to bear too much risk, you can establish a risk assessment plan for yourself.If your have $10,000 in your account, 5% (that is 500 dollars of venture capital) can be too much for you,Then set it to 2.5% (that is $250). Once you set the amount of risk, must strictly abide until the funds steady growth to intended target.

GGBINARY "for customer profitability and long-term stability to forge ahead" for the mission, we want our customers to be able to profit, but the reality is often unsatisfactory.Everyone had encountered such situation, even the great Warren Buffett has loss of up to a million in October 2008 .However, a nirvana rebirth successful trader who is different from the crowd Nirvana rebirth,the key is the ability to control the risk. If your risk is controllable, then victory is not a problem after all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The risk of loss is also a possibility. For example, we bought a call option of stock, and the stock could fall in the future, then it is our risk.GGBINARY senior tutor consultant CEO J • NR introduced that stock call option is not the risk and loss is not a risk, the risk is 'the possibility of loss.'There is only one way to control risk, it is trading.Trading binary options is to profit in essence, but the risk is inevitable, the best way is to manage risk, control risk.

Tips: You need to know the maturity rate rules of GGBINARY on the trading platform, please check our maturity rate rules.GGBINARY trading platform provide customers with a variety of assets, including stock, currencies, commodities and major index.If our platform dose not has the asset you want for transactions,you can contact us by telephone or [email protected] we will try to increase the assets your request.

Risk Warning:GGBINARY is a provider of a variety of financial binary option trading platform. Binary option investment with high risk,high payoff,T+0 transactions and sell back,hedge and multiple functions.Binary option can generate huge profits, but also the risk of losing all the deposit. Before doing it, you should be aware of your tolerance towards risk, investment objective and have some financial knowledge and experience related to the investment, please read the Risk Disclosure carefully.