StrategiX is a creative transaction Four-in-one panel, which includes a variety of exotic binary options, so the panel is customized designed to help traders to make trading decisions quickly.

The transaction panel with slider only makes senior trader can base on preferred dividend on the chart to intuitive adjust the execution price.And StrategiX also must be authorized to exercise, but also to enhance the lifetime value of unique selection.

Four types of options

1, High Low Options: when confronted with radical changes in the market, it is more suitable for high volatility.

2. Interval Options: When the market trend is unstable, the option would be easier to operate than low market.

3, Touch Options: Once the asset prices touch the target price will get profit.

4, Non-touch Options: if the asset prices do not touch the target price will be profitable.

For those who enjoy touch options during the maximum market volatility period of success trading strategies will be especially useful. But if the user predict the market volatility will reduced, no touch option is the most sensible choice.

Risk Warning:GGBINARY is a provider of a variety of financial binary option trading platform. Binary option investment with high risk,high payoff,T+0 transactions and sell back,hedge and multiple functions.Binary option can generate huge profits, but also the risk of losing all the deposit. Before doing it, you should be aware of your tolerance towards risk, investment objective and have some financial knowledge and experience related to the investment, please read the Risk Disclosure carefully.