Withdrawal Instructions

1. Minimum withdrawal: $ 20
2. Fee for withdrawal:
  By withdrawing funds by bank transfer, withdrawing $ 1.5 from the bank, and deducting the fee from the withdrawal, if your account is a VIP account, the fee will be free. Money, GGBinary will pay the fee to you. Market price withdrawn. If the transaction volume is less than 25% of the deposit, 5% of the withdrawal amount will be charged.
3. How often receive money?
We will process the withdrawal within 24 hours, and you will receive the money quickly in 2 hours, at least 24h since the process is completed.
How to withdraw money?
1. Log in to your trading account.
2. Go to the personal center, select "Withdrawal" to execute the withdrawal order.
3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
4. Complete the required information.
5. Cash withdrawal, withdrawal order created.
Do I need to withdraw money via censorship?
  If it is the first time to make a withdrawal order, you will need to upload the relevant documents, including the front and back of your identity card and your bank card (if you are a visa card please cover security information such as expiration date, CVV number), please ensure the picture is clear, can see the information clearly.
It is recommended that you pre-load your documents before modifying them, so that they can be processed quickly.
What information should be withdrawn?
Withdrawal amount: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
Name of bank: Enter bank name, eg vietcombank
Bank address: The name of the bank branch of the card, for example the Saigon branch, Ho Chi Minh city
Bank account number: for example, 001100 ***** 1462
Beneficiary name: eg NGUYEN **
Swift: for example BFTVVNVX (if you do not know can ask the bank)
IBAN / BSB: eg WNC IP LEE (This category only applies to Hong Kong customers, Vietnamese can enter optional digits)
Withdrawal Process:
Click on "withdrawal" - fill in information on request - withdraw money - upload documents - complete censorship.
Cancellation Procedure:
Click on "bank history" - check the "request to withdraw money being processed" - click "cancel withdrawal"

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