Transaction amount and additional functions

After trading an order, the status of your investment transaction details will appear in the trading frame, some of the following options provide additional functions below:

1, "sell."

Advantage: You can stop or lock in profits

Conditions: Executing before the transaction expires

Method: Click the "sell" button, sell your transactions

2, "Double"

Advantage: You can make double of the amount of the transaction, the opportunity to increase profits

Conditions:Executing before the transaction expires, and not less than two minutes

Method: Click the "double" button to make the extra investment double


① "Double" is the new price in the same direction

② The same expire time and amount

③ The same initial direction and investment

3, "Hedging"

Between the assets current price and profit, you can trade the asset classes,same stock,expire time and direction.On the other hand, hedging function, make you can between the current price and profit on assets,your transaction will copy the opposite direction.Please remember that "doubled" and "hedging" feature will immediately accepted after you click.

Risk Warning:GGBINARY is a provider of a variety of financial binary option trading platform. Binary option investment with high risk,high payoff,T+0 transactions and sell back,hedge and multiple functions.Binary option can generate huge profits, but also the risk of losing all the deposit. Before doing it, you should be aware of your tolerance towards risk, investment objective and have some financial knowledge and experience related to the investment, please read the Risk Disclosure carefully.