To help protect your personal information, we will require all personnel to ensure the safety client accounts associated with their account information is correct and the latest.If your security information (such as an alternate email address or telephone number) is the latest,Then when there is a problem, we can use it to verify your identity.For example, if you forget the password or others trying to steal your account, GGBINARY will use your security information to help you recover your account.

Common functions:

1. Retrieve Password: GGBINARY support retrieve your password by email, if the mailbox has not received the verification code, please immediately contact our online customer service;
2. Log out function: After your operation, you must click "Log out" to exit;
3. Change Password: If you find the password has security problem, please log in personal accounts, to the management center to change the password;
4. Encrypted communication: When you are trading will pop up a security prompt (depending on the browser version is installed on your computer) should appear in your window.Double-click the symbol to display a digital certificate issued by this site. Confirm issuing agency is "GGBINARY.COM" certificate.

Account Protection:

1. Set complex passwords, password should contain capital letters lowercase letters, numbers and symbols;
2. Your password is personal and do not tell others, even GGBINARY staff;
3, Avoid someone steal your computer, never save your user name or password on your computer;
4,Keep the password carefully, try not to record the password in writing.

Important note: if log in transaction accounts in other people's computers or can not guarantee the safety of the address,do not save log in information in order to avoid losing or getting stolen easily.About account security, if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our customer service to get help online, or send an email to GGBINARY official mail: [email protected]

リスク警告:GGBINARYは、さまざまな金融バイナリオプション取引プラットフォームのプロバイダーです。 高いリスク、高いペイオフ、T + 0取引と売り戻し、ヘッジと複数の機能を持つバイナリオプション投資。バイナリオプションは、巨大な利益を生成することができますすべての預金を失うリスク。 それを行う前に、リスク、投資目的に対する寛容性を認識し、投資に関連した財務知識と経験を持っている必要があります。リスク開示を注意深くお読みください。