Basic information:

All calculations are based on the latest interest rate provided by Reuters, following expiration rules apply to all asset classes in assets:

Currency :( bid + Quote) / 2 *

Stock:( bid + Quote) / 2 *

Commodities :( bid + Quote) / 2 *

Index: In addition to the S & P 500 Index, the S & P futures, Nikkei futures, the NASDAQ futures: Last Quote

S & P 500 Index, the S & P futures, Nikkei futures, NASDAQ futures :( bid + Quote) / 2

The relevant provisions of YTM calculation:

Bids - before the option expires, sell last offer of the assets quoted by Reuters.

Quote - the time before the option expires, buying last offer of the assets quoted by Reuters.

The last quote - before the option expires, the actual purchase price of the asset. (This price may be the same or different related to the bid or Quote)

Dow Jones Industrial average index or FTSE index YTM calculation base on the basis of all shares in the last trading price index.Therefore, the index is calculated by Reuters for the final price.Market participants can only buy stocks or exchange-traded fund (ETF) and can not buy the actual index.

Stocks or currencies bid and offer. For example, Citigroup and Google stock, there are the purchase price and the selling price, so GGBINARY trading platform based on (bid + Quote) / 2 to calculate the maturity price.

Need to understand the rules of a particular asset expire on trading platform,you can check the property index.

One-Touch Binary Options - basic terms:

1.Weekly price one-touch binary options can only be traded at the weekend,One-Touch binary options open on Saturday morning 12:00 (GMT),close in Sunday 20:00 pm (GMT).all one-touch binary option Expire at close of the next week;

2. 2、Two expire conditions of one-touch price binary options - higher or lower;

3. 3、One-Touch binary options is based on the daily sampling rate, if the sample rate of the day one-touch binary options expire "in the money or OTM",the investors get paid all of the week of the closing price.If during the week, can not reach the sample rate, the investor will lose the initial investment;

4. 4、One-Touch Binary Options terms and conditions as the supplementary appendix GGBINARY as the terms and conditions of trading platforms be on the terms and conditions of GGBINARY trading platforms.Can not be modified or replaced in any case.

Expire rules:

EUR / USD -17: 00 Expire rate by Reuters
Reuters Password: EUR =
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

AUD / USD -17: 00 Expire rate by Reuters
Reuters Password: AUD =
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

GBP / USD -17: 00 Expire rate by Reuters
Reuters Password: GBP =
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

Oil -17: 00 Expire rate by Reuters
Reuters Password: CLV1CLV1
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

Gold -17: 00 Expire rate Reuters
Reuters Password: AXU =
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

the NASDAQ futures -17: 00 Expire rate Reuters
Reuters Password: NQC1
Calculation:( bid + Quote) / 2

"Expire rate" can check the daily sampling rate.
Tips: You need to know about the rules about GGBINARY expire rate, please check our expire rate rules.GGBINARY trading platform provide customers with a variety of assets, including stock, currencies, commodities and major index.If our platform dose not has the asset you want for transactions,you can contact us by telephone or [email protected] we will try to increase the assets your request.

リスク警告:GGBINARYは、さまざまな金融バイナリオプション取引プラットフォームのプロバイダーです。 高いリスク、高いペイオフ、T + 0取引と売り戻し、ヘッジと複数の機能を持つバイナリオプション投資。バイナリオプションは、巨大な利益を生成することができますすべての預金を失うリスク。 それを行う前に、リスク、投資目的に対する寛容性を認識し、投資に関連した財務知識と経験を持っている必要があります。リスク開示を注意深くお読みください。