Unique mode safety withdrawal

       Most normative withdrawal management
       Most assured withdrawal mode
       Fast speed for the glory of VIP
       Withdrawal safety everyday

Stable withdrawal in the same day

①, Remittance time: 15:00 GMT+8 withdrawal application
②, Accounting time: the money will arrive after 15:00 GMT+8
③, VIP expedited: VIP enjoy the expedited service

Minimum withdrawal amount:

①, USD: $ 20
②, VIP account is Unlimited
(Note: All amounts are expressed in round number)

Withdrawal charge:

In addition to bank charge of the the withdrawal, GGBINARY does not charge any fees of customers.
①, VIP customers enjoy free from three times withdrawal fee,application priority
②, If the withdrawal is more than $ 2000, free from one withdrawal fee, base on local bank charges rules;
③, the day of withdrawal is greater than $ 5000, free from two withdrawal fee, base on local bank charges rules;

Withdrawal Note:

1, Application before 15:00 can be steadily withdraw at the same day, the fastest arrival time is in 2 hours, the slowest is 1-2 business days;

2, To ensure the account safety of customers, GGBINARY security sector needs to verify the information , includes:

①, Hand held ID card to prove a clear picture (front and back)
②, Bank card clear pictures (front and back)

Note: All documents and copy submitted by the customer must be real and effective, in order to avoid controversy,The Company does not accept customers modify the personal information has been bound,Company reserves the final confirmation right to modify ;Documents can be submitted to the official "upload files".if there is any problem,contact our customer service.

3, the customer to apply for withdrawal submitted format supports: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF, etc., if you do not submit in the format, the file will not be accepted;

4, GGBINARY provides each investor can only have one operating trading account, and therefore the same payee can only use one account to withdrawal.

5. Do not use a third-party bank accounts to withdrawal, otherwise GGBINARY has the right to deal with it.

6, if the client wants to participate in the relevant award agreement,please check the withdrawal rules,GGBUNARY will credited the money by the relevant award agreement.

リスク警告:GGBINARYは、さまざまな金融バイナリオプション取引プラットフォームのプロバイダーです。 高いリスク、高いペイオフ、T + 0取引と売り戻し、ヘッジと複数の機能を持つバイナリオプション投資。バイナリオプションは、巨大な利益を生成することができますすべての預金を失うリスク。 それを行う前に、リスク、投資目的に対する寛容性を認識し、投資に関連した財務知識と経験を持っている必要があります。リスク開示を注意深くお読みください。